News Archive 2011


Synersea has provided Design and Layout for “Cook_inc. – officine internazionale di cucina” (“international cooking workshop”), a new magazine dedicated to the latest trends in international haute cuisine. “Cook_inc.” is available at all major newsstands or by subscription.

Synersea YouTube Channel

Synersea is now on YouTube. We will publish a selection of videos produced for our clients. Don’t forget to subscribe to Synersea’s YouTube Channel!

New Synersea Headquarters

Synersea has moved in it’s new headquarters in Lucca, in front of the San Martino cathedral. Thank you for updating your contacts!

Stream 10 – Special Edition

Stream Magazine celebrates it’s 10th issue with a special edition. A new column, “Industry Leaders”, features exclusive interviews with the major players in the yachting industry; in this issue, Peter Lurssen, Paolo Vitelli and Fabio Perini. Customized copies have been issued to all Perini Navi owners. A video edition of Stream 10 is featured on our YouTube channel.

Benetti Magazine 07: Sun / Moon

Benetti Magazine 07 has just been printed – distribution is due for the forthcoming Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes next September. The main themes are Sun and Moon. The Sun pages will feature, among others, celebrated sunbathers’ photographs by Massimo Vitali, a report on solar deities throughout the centuries, and Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Highlights of the Moon section include the moon photography of Romagnoli (on display at the MOMA), and space art from the 50‘s inspired by the colonisation of the moon.

Pubblicato San Rossore Informa n°5

Issue n°5 of San Rossore Informa, the magazine of the private clinic, has just been published. Worth of notice, a feature on the TrueBeam STx, the latest and one of the most advanced radiotherapy technologies in the world , and the first of its kind operational in Italy.

Futura Radio online

On the 1st of August Futura Radio has officially started broadcasting live, 24/7, from the Futura Magazine website. No special software or plugins are required to enjoy this free service, only iTunes (for Mac users) or Windows Media Player (for Widows users). Futura Radio features dedicated playlists and exclusive promotional jingles. Stay tuned!

Tenuta Le Taverne restyling completed

The new Tenuta Le Taverne website is now online. We have completed a full restyling for this estate located at a short distance from Ostuni, in Apulia. Immersed in ancient olive groves just a few kilometres from the sea, surrounded by flower gardens and citrus groves, Tenuta Le Taverne allows guests to relax in the swimming pool with jacuzzi and the quiet of the countryside.

Giovanni Gravina website

Dr. Giovanni Gravina’s website, created by Synersea, is now online. Dr. Gravina is an endocrinologist specialised in the treatment eating disorders. As well as illustrating Dr. Gravina’s clinical and scientific activity, the website also provides articles and insights, among others, on the treatment of obesity.

Brochure “Percorso Nascita”

A new brochure dedicated to the “Childbirth Program” (“Percorso Nascita”) organised by the San Rossore private clinic has just been published. The brochure contains useful information on childbirth, and a full description of the program, spread over 6 bimonthly meetings, specifically dedicated to future parents.

A YouTube channel for Futura Magazine

Futura Magazine has created a dedicated channel on YouTube: All videos produced for the online Futura Magazine will be gradually published in the Futura Magazine YouTube channel as well.

Synersea on Facebook

Synersea has opened its own page on Facebook. We will be publishing articles, previews, excerpts from our magazines and videos on a regular basis. This is our full Facebook address: Don’t forget to “like” us!

Stream 09

Stream 09, the new Perini Navi magazine, has been published and is now in distribution. In this issue we talk to Swiss financier Urs Schwarzenbach on the world of Polo, Danish entrepreneur Kim Petersen about his Scanomat coffee machines, and young English millionaire Lawrence Tomlinson on the cult Ginetta sports cars. Also featured, an exclusive collection of “Spring models” from Oliviero Toscani.

Issue 4 of SanRossoreInforma now published

Issue 4 of SanRossoreInforma, the magazine of the San Rossore privare clinic, has just been published. Worth of mention: an article on the True Beam technology for non invasive cancer treatment; an introduction to the cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord for therapeutic purposes, a service available at the clinic; and new technological developments in Laser Therapy.

Synersea wins three Mercury Awards

Synersea has won three different awards at the 24th Annual International Mercury Awards Competition. ClubSwan magazine won in the Design: Magazine category, one of the most hard to obtain. Our websites obtained important awards as well: the Benetti Yachts website won the Silver Mercury Award in the Websites: Emerging Media category, while the Futura Magazine online won third prize in the Websites/Emerging Media: E-zine category. The Mercury Awards are considered among the most important in the world of communication, with 760 entries from 21 countries. These new awards come after the two Apex Awards obtained last spring and the shortlist nominations for the Custom Publishing Awards in London, confirming Synersea’s commitment to editorial quality in publishing, both in print and online.

Benetti Magazine 06: East / West

The main themes of this issue are East and West, allowing for a comparison between some of the unique aspects of the Orient – such as the Japanese traditions of Zen gardens, Ikebana and Bonsai, or exotic animals such as the tiger, panda, and kangaroo – and the more familiar traditions of the West, such as Carnival parties and costumes, or the technology of the Piaggio Aero private aircraft.

ClubSwan Magazine 02 in distribution

The second issue on the new ClubSwan Magazine has just been published and is now in distribution. Initial response for this 2011 edition has been highly positive. Through the featured stories and images, readers will be able to relive the shipyard’s past year of events and activities including Rolex Swan Cup thirtieth anniversary.