News Archive 2010

Cisa Times 09 presented at Medica 2010

Issue 09 of Cisa Times has just been published and was distributed in preview at Medica 2010, the Health Care and Medical Instrumentation International Trade Fair in Dusseldorf. The latest Cisa Times includes an exclusive interview with Dr. Dominique Goullet, Chairman of the Association Francaise de Sterilisation. Also featured, a new global partnership with U.S Labs; an introduction to Biotak, the new revolutionary biological indicator for washer disinfector objective validation, based on Cisa’s and BES Decon’s tAK technology; and an interesting report on new trends in the sterilization of endoscopes thanks to research updates in the nanotechnology field.

Synersea makes the APA Awards 2010 shortlist

Synersea has been nominated for the APA International Customer Publishing Awards 2010, the most important award in the field of business communication, both digital and printed. Synersea is finalist for “Launch of the Year” with the first issue of the new ClubSwan Magazine. The awards, which comprise of 25 categories and are open to both members and non-members of the APA globally, look to recognise innovation and creativity in editorialised branded content and are considered to be among the most prestigious in the entire industry. Synersea is the only italian company in the shortlist. One out of only four non UK based companies. And the only small publisher.

“Autentica Cuba” online

The italian language version of “Autentica Cuba”, produced by Synersea for DGTMedia, is now online. Directly commissioned by the cuban Ministry of Tourism, “Autentica Cuba” is the first official website for tourism in Cuba, and features updated and comprehensive information on the caribbean island.

Futura Magazine Online

Portraits and interviews, stories and multimedia files, trends and issues, products and technologies: the Futura Magazine Online allows Futura, one of the leading company on tissue converting, to present and analyze the tissue industry from every side. The magazine also features an entertainment section, with crosswords, cartoons and trivia related to tissue converting.

Online il nuovo sito web Benetti

The new Benetti website, entirely redesigned by Synersea, is now online. Much more than a simple restyling, the new website features over 4,500 images and videos, and nearly 500 articles in 180 categories. Plus, with a multi-platform approach, browsing is an exciting experience even on the iPad. Especially worth of notice, the “Owner’s Lounge”, a password-protected section entirely dedicated to yacht owners.

Synersea new headquarters

Synersea inaugurates this weekend its new headquarters, located in Viareggio, Via Regia 83. With a large open space for the editorial staff, and including a contiguous storeroom, the new premises provide a truly functional work space. The innovative interior design makes for a highly creative and warm environment.

Stream 08 just published

The new issue of Stream, the Perini Navi magazine, has just been published. Especially worth of notice: Francesco Morace in Patagonia, the launching of Exuma, the first Picchiotti Vitruvius motor yacht; and Paul Smith introducing the photographic book “Gentlemen of Bacongo” featuring Congo’s unimitable Sapeurs.

Benetti “Sales Guide” application

Synersea has delivered the first beta version of a brand new application for Benetti’s sales force. Entirely designed in Flash, this interactive application introduces the shipyard’s history and features its fleet and new projects. Integrated with photo galleries, video and brochures, the “Sales Guide” also features a tool to compare side by side different general arrangements and technical specifications.

“Autentica Cuba”, italian version

Synersea has been granted the task of completing the italian edition of “Autentica Cuba”, the first official website for cuban tourism, commissioned by Cuba’s Ministerio de Turismo (Mintur). The website is scheduled to go online in the next few months.

Benetti05 in print

The new Benetti Magazine 05 is now being printed.
The issue’s theme will be “Red / Green“.

SanRossoreInforma issue n°3

The latest issue of “San Rossore Informa”, the six-monthly magazine of the San Rossore private clinic, has just been published. With a more engaging design and renewed contents, the magazine introduces the brand new Ophthalmology and Nuclear Medecine departments. Also featured, useful tips for safe sunbathing.

Synersea wins twice at the Apex Awards 2010

Synersea received two awards for publication excellence at the 2010 edition of the Apex Awards, now in its twentysecond year. Synersea has won with the Benetti Magazine in the Custom Published Magazines category, and with Swan Magazine for Design & Layout. Synersea wishes to thank everyone involved for this singificant achievement.

The latest Cisa Times

The latest Cisa Times is in distribution since last week. Issue n°8 features all the latest Cisa International news and confirms Cisa Times as a leading publication in the field of hospital sterilization.

Soon available the new issue of “SanRossoreInforma”

The new issue of “SanRossoreInforma” will feature the technology of the new generation machinery for the minimally invasive treatment of cancer (HIFU and Trubeam), and the latest developments concerning the facility, such as the brand new Ophthalmology and Nuclear Medicine departments.

Cisa Photobook

Synersea just published a photobook for Cisa entirely dedicated to the new Centralized Supply Department in the Industrial area of the town of Vercelli. This is the single most important project accomplished by Cisa in Italy during 2009. The 20 page photobook includes exclusive pictures by the photographer Betty Madella and was distributed at the Bologna Exposanità 2010 fair.

Cantieri Navali online

The Cantieri Navali magazine is now available online. The new web version not only will include all contents published in the printed tabloid, it will also feature additional content. News will be constantly updated, making Cantieri Navali online a true web daily. The adress is:

Stream07 in distribution

Stream07, the latest issue of the Perini Navi Magazine, has just been published and is now in distribution. Worth of mention, the special report dedicated to the Perini Navi Cup 2009, with foldout pages and exclusive pictures, as well as an article dedicated to Thayaht, avantgarde artist of the 20’s and forgotten inventor of the modern jumpsuit.

Nuclear Medicine brochure published

A Nuclear Medicine brochure has been published for the San Rossore private clinic. The brochure introduces the new medical imaging facility inside the clinic, directed by Prof. Francesco Lippi, and illustrates the different diagnostics and therapy services, including nuclear imaging and radiopharmaceutical treatment.

Seatec 2009

Issue 13 of Cantieri Navali, the industry tabloid distributed freely to the CEO’s and managers of all italian shipyards, has just been published. Focus is on two important boat shows: Seatec in Carrara and Big Blue in Rome, with an esxclusive interview to the President of CarraraFiere, Giorgio Bianchini, and a photostory dedicated to the event.

Honorable Mention for Nicola Ughi’s pictures

Photographer Nicola Ughi received an Honorable Mention at the Ipa (International Photography Awards) 2009 Awards for pictures published in Stream and San Rossore Informa. The mention was granted in the categories “Culture Pro” (for Stream) and “Portrait Pro” (for San Rossore Informa).

Benetti 04 in distribution

The new issue of Benetti Magazine, presented in preview last February at the Miami Boat Show, is now in distribution. Benetti04 is dedicated to “Amber” and “Crystal” and features an overview of Benetti’s Technical Department and the backstage of the Benetti Custom ad campaign.

San Rossore: brochures download

It is now possible to download the new Radiodiagnosis and Breast Pathology Diagnosis brochures directly from the San Rossore Clinic website: they are available from the new Brochure link in the Press section.

Futura, new content online

New content has been implemented on the Futura website: the organization&management section reflects the ever so important human face of the company, and includes a new banner with the Futura team and an interactive organization chart to get acquainted with the staff. The new worldwide page on the other hand is dedicated to Futura’s overseas divisions: Futura North America, in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), and Futura America Latina, in Joinville, Brazil.

CN interviews Antonini, Fincantieri president

Issue 12 of Cantieri Navali, the tabloid on finance and managent for the nautical industry now in distribution, features an interview with Fincantieri and Assonave president, Corrado Antonini. Also of interest a report on the unexpected opening of a new shipyard: Filippetti Yachts.

“SanRossoreInforma” n°2 just published

The new issue introduces the highly specialized techniques and equipment used in Diagnostics and in the Medically Assisted Procreation Laboratory; it will also feature the latest innovations in the clinic, such as the Tuscan Vascular Centre, as well as presenting new doctors who work at the clinic.

CN introduces the “nautical crossword”

Issue 11 of Cantieri Navali, now in distribution, features the exclusive “nautical crossword”: 69 definitions on sailing and navigation. Also of interest the latest market quotes on woods and metals and the column dedicated to careers.

Soon available the new issue of “San Rossore Informa”

The second issue of the San Rossore private clinic magazine (“SanRossoreInforma”), while still a useful source of information, has been fully renewed in content, in order to provide an even better support to patients and introduce the reader to all medical and surgical services available at the clinic.

Futura’s new promotional video

Futura’s new promotional video has been published on the company’s website. Shot with the participation of managers and technicians, the video conveys Futura’s mission and philosophy in a more direct, alternative manner.