Tagetik Magazine issue 7

Issue 7 of Tagetik Magazine is now available for smartphone and tablets on AppStore and GooglePlay. “Come sail away with me”, says the Styx song and in this issue we want to invite you to come sail away- with us. Away, as far away as you’d like. You can travel to unknown lands like the great explorers Leif Erikson, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Colombus and Amerigo Vespucci, or you can start your own colony like the great Italian seafaring city-states of Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa and Venice. You can board the latest MSC cruise ship and travel in style with Giacomo Costa. You can unfurl the sails of a Perini Navi yacht with Fabio Perini himself. Or you can just enjoy a day on the water kite sailing, surfing or scuba diving. So leave it all behind you for a while: come sail away with us and let your mind wander towards new inspiration.


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